Akwaaba in Côte d'Ivoire
"AKWAABA" means 'welcome' in twi, a language of the Ashanti people of our dear neighboring nation Ghana. It also has the same meaning in Côte d’Ivoire. Therefore we say Akwaaba to you. Welcome to Côte d’Ivoire a.k.a Ivory Coast. This platform has been set to educate and display a different side of my beloved nation, Côte d’Ivoire, through videos, ideas, and images of our music, arts, film, literature, cultures, traditions, food, sports, dances, and everything in between. I dearly hope that you go visit it for yourself one day, but until that day please care to look, read, and discover. Thank you.

Paul Sika - Author of At The Heart Of Me. Available on Amazon
"Paul Sika authors a surprising work… half-way between painting and photography… a free electron" 
- Forbes

"Paul Sika is no ordinary photographer" 
- CNN 

"A multimedia prodigy from Ivory Coast" 
- The New York Times

"Paul Sika has attracted global attention… with his luminous pictures" 

There are as many Africans as there are people perceiving « that thing » called Africa.

Revised, corrected and augmented, this second edition of At The Heart Of Me is the visual and written first witness account of a young man who aspires to attain the African Dream. 

And what is the African Dream ? The African Dream is the African version of the Human Dream.

At The Heart Of Me can be considered the logbook of a contemporary voyager, as he sails through the days and nights, in attainment of the dream of dreams.

There are two interwoven books within At The Heart Of Me. One is a collection of colorful photo series painting the portrait of a vibrant world and the other is an ensemble of anecdotes and insights experienced over the distance travelled. Together, they constitute the trail left behind by a joyful journeyman.

This book will serve Africa and its lovers, its thinkers, its tourists, its visionaries, its dreamers, its builders, its explorers and its questioners.

And will also help the author get new friends.
Source: Amazon
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