Akwaaba in Côte d'Ivoire
"AKWAABA" means 'welcome' in twi, a language of the Ashanti people of our dear neighboring nation Ghana. It also has the same meaning in Côte d’Ivoire. Therefore we say Akwaaba to you. Welcome to Côte d’Ivoire a.k.a Ivory Coast. This platform has been set to educate and display a different side of my beloved nation, Côte d’Ivoire, through videos, ideas, and images of our music, arts, film, literature, cultures, traditions, food, sports, dances, and everything in between. I dearly hope that you go visit it for yourself one day, but until that day please care to look, read, and discover. Thank you.

Magic System - Taper Dos
Soum Bill - Gneeze
V12 de London - Cosa Cosa
Jessy Matador - Zot OK
Magic System - Bouger Bouger
Jessy Matador - Decale Gwada
Coupe Decale Mania feat. Singuila, Kamnouze & Petit Denis - Ca n’ment pas
DJ Kitoko feat. Mokobe & Big Ali - Phenomenal
DJ Speedhy feat. 50cent - Afrotechnology
Bob Sinclair - Premier Gaou
9ja Decale (Premier Gaou riddim, Ross the Boss rfx)
DJ Sai Sai - Premier Gaou Kuduro Tech Remix
Magic system - Premier Gaou
DJ Jacob - Couper Decaler
DJ Kitoko - Atalakou Eto’o
NCM - Pourqoui Nous (RMx)
DJ Nays - Decale Kuduro
DJ Kitoko feat. DJ Polio, Papa Tank & Danny Boss - Qui Va se Negliger?
DJ Jacob feat. Kaysha - On sait Pas Ou on Va
DJ Arafat - Jonathan

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